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5 ML Nonstick Ultraviolet Jar With Cannabis Concentrates

5 ML Nonstick Glass Jar

The perfect travel-size container for all of your adventures. Holds over 3.5 grams of concentrates or 1 gram of flower.

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50 ML Nonstick Glass Jar

A baller jar like no other. Holds over 28 grams of concentrates or 7 grams of flower.

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5 ML & 50 ML Nonstick Ultraviolet Jars With Lids Leaning

5 ML & 50 ML Nonstick Glass Jar Bundle

Bundle and save! Includes one 5 ML and one 50 ML Nonstick Glass Jar.

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Storing cannabis products in traditional glass containers often results in a sticky, wasteful mess. Now you can enjoy every last bit of your favorite products with SILK JARS.